Following a successful ‘Save Our Libraries’ campaign in 2016, Lewisham Council adopted a community library model.

This leased buildings to voluntary sector bodies or external partners whilst keeping a core library service directly owned and run by the council in central venues like Lewisham High Street and Deptford.

Fears for the future of Grove Park community library emerged recently and it was reported that Lewisham Council was working with the leaseholder to ensure an adequate notice period, whilst exploring opportunities for other organisations and stakeholders to take on Grove Park Library before the end of the lease period of its current leaseholder, believed to be Eco Communities.

Following a meeting with library users and staff this week, Lewisham Council has issued a statement today, 16th June 2023:

“The current leaseholder of three of our local community libraries, Crofton Park, Sydenham and Grove Park, has issued notice to end the leases. We have a new provider in place already for Crofton Park and Sydenham community libraries and we are working very hard to explore opportunities with community partner organisations and stakeholders already supporting libraries in our borough to take on the opportunity at Grove Park.”

The future of Grove Park’s much loved and much needed library is in the balance.

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