Following an article in the specialist Inside Housing publication on 3rd May 2023, explaining that Lewisham Council has bid and received funding from the London mayor’s Right to Buy-back scheme but could not disclose their true cost for “commercial sensitivities” a Freedom of Information request was filed.

The costs for buying back 117 properties in Lewisham is given as total purchase costing £33,689,797 but this increases to £34,204,012 including professional fees and charges. The Freedom of Information response is dated 7th June 2023. The final costs may be higher as the fees are estimates, subject to change as the reconciliation of the accounts continues.

It is understood that Lewisham Council was the only London borough that refused to provide the details of the money in their press responses. It is should be noted that Lewisham Council will shortly dissolve their arms length management organisation, Lewisham Homes and return all their housing functions to the Council directly.

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