Councillor Alan Hall has used the final day of the Notting Hill Carnival to announce that he wants Lewisham’s senior officers to be far more representative of the borough’s diversity.

Councillor Alan Hall who attended the recent unveiling of the memorial plaque in New Cross commemorating the Battle of Lewisham in 1997 where racist and fascist thugs of the National Front were routed by local and national groups, said that we must continue to be vigilant to oppose racism and fascism in all its forms.

“I can’t make Notting Hill Carnival today because I’m campaigning in Lewisham to get the Labour nomination to be the Mayor of Lewisham. We need real change in Lewisham. Since 1977 and the Battle of Lewisham we have come a long way but we must continue to be vigilant against racism and fascism in all its forms as Lewisham’s strength today lies in its diversity. We’re always better when we stand united together. One way to build and strengthen communities is to invest in arts and culture. But I think that we can go further. Let’s make sure Lewisham Council’s top brass truly reflects he diversity of Lewisham a London borough.”

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