“I have worked with Alan on Forest Hill School. I know he will work hard to improve schools & education in Lewisham.” – NUT representative, Forest Hill School

Schools are in deficit in Lewisham. Over the past few years, Alan has worked closely with teachers, parents and NUT to find a solution to the specific problems faced by Forest Hill School.

ALAN’S PLEDGE FOR CHANGE: “As Mayor, I will be at the forefront of the fight for Fairer Funding for schools, and I will make lifelong learning a priority.”

Furthermore in his budget speech this year to Lewisham Council, Cllr Alan Hall said:

‘It’s a worrying time to be a school governor, budget cuts and teacher shortages now.’

Many of you here today are school governors. I would like to ask the Council to monitor and support schools who find themselves in real difficulties. I applaud the Lewisham Schools’ Forum with their PFI Factor, top slice fund. Cooperating together to ease the pain of financial reductions.

We should remember over £200 million has been taken out of our budget since 2010 all in the name of austerity.

As it has been said: ‘The Government chose austerity over growth”



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