Beckenham, Place Park LandscapeMasterplanLargeFollowing consideration of a contract for Beckenham Place Park landscaping works restoration contract award to ID Verde on 10th April 2018, Lewisham Council’s Business Panel has decided to request that Mayor Steve Bullock agree that there be a root and branch strategic review of the Beckenham Place Park and Mansion Regeneration Strategy to ensure there will be greater public involvement in, and support for, the development of proposals for Lewisham’s largest park.

Business Panel Chair, Councillor Alan Hall said: “Beckenham Place Park is a magnificent park and one of London’s largest. Let’s be ambitious for Lewisham and ensure that local residents, park users and local community groups are fully behind any plans for the buildings and activities in this park.”

He added: “I hope that whilst not everyone will agree with every change proposed that support for increasing public usage and bringing the buildings including the historic Mansion House will be welcomed.”

A brief history and photographs of The Mansion is here

Famously, David Bowie lived nearby he was a regular visitor to the park.


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  1. It’s great this is being done, finally, and thank you so much for doing all this. However, I do hope it’s not just ‘electioneering’…
    It’s about time the local Community & their wishes & concerns were listened to, & respected.
    However, so far, Lewisham Council have ignored over 11,000 who have signed petitions – hard copy at BPP Mansion & 2 online – & posted angry comments online.
    So too, have Sport England, the LTA, the R&A, Parliament Golf & many many others, been ignored.
    Lewisham, despite all the objections, seen determined to remove popular & unique Public Sports Facilities from tennis , golf to various sports pitches – including the football pitches, Ian Wright, played in as a kid.
    Then as an adult, he & Olympic Sprinter, John Regis, learnt to play golf at BPP – which is the only Public 18hold Golf course in Inner London – all so called alternatives on Lewisham Council’s website are Private Clubs, apart from one too far away & not easily accessible by public transport..
    And BPP never “became a golf course” as the history of the mansion, article , falsely states. The Public golf course was only a small part of the park, albeit a much loved & used part of the park.
    Many golf professionals learnt at BPP.
    Sir Henry Cotton played regularly at BPP.
    And Sir Henry Cotton, whose life, and fame & success, Lewisham Council are celebrating, used to make money, as a young teenager, collecting golf balls Etc at BPP Public Golf course – he might not have been such a success without BPP!!
    Tennis professional professionals coaches – one at least, who is currently coaching young, rising, British Tennis stars, learnt to play tennis on the BPP Public Tennis Courts…the ones Lewisham Council or the BPP ‘Regeneration ‘ Team want to remove for more lawn!!! In a 237 care Public Park? !?
    The Public Tennis Courts are presently surrounded by the flower gardens…a location Judy Murray tweeted , “looks gorgeous”…it is ..unfortunately Lewisham Council want to ‘regenerate ‘ it….
    What is wrong with the Park’s natural wild beauty? Can Man/Woman really improve on Mother Nature?
    And what of the kids & adults who were happy with the park as it was? What of the the kids dreaming of being the next Andy or Jamie Murray? Or the next Rory or Danny – Danny Willett, a recent British winner of the US Masters, learnt on a Public golf course like BPP – or British Tigers? Or Serenas?!
    Or the elderly – some in their 90’s – who relied on their golf for vital exercise & social interaction?
    When asked, what could the elderly do for exercise, without their tennis, golf etc, Lewisham Project Manager for BPP, replied to a packed public meeting, in the BPP Mansion, that they could; ” enjoy looking at the lake, on their mobility scooters”!

  2. Sorry above should have been Sir Henry Cooper, after first mention of Sir Henry Cotton…

    1. Where is my full comment on this? Have you deleted it all?! And if so why?

  3. This isn’t strictly true, is it?

    Your statements imply, Cllr Alan Hall, that this was left to the new Mayor, Damien Egan, and that he refused it.

    However, in truth neither Mayor has actually refused it!

    At a Council meeting, apparently on 18/04/2018, an ex Cllr , Rachel Onikosi, advised the ex Mayor, Sir Steve Bullock, wrt BPP & the Review Request.

    He concluded that it would not be “appropriate for an outgoing Mayor/administration, to order such a Review”, but he DID NOT refuse it!

    In fact, since he noted the referral, surely, the Request, is ‘still on record’, and should now be considered by the new Mayor, Damien Egan, and his new administration?

  4. And why has my full detailed comment, posted on 19/04/2018 vanished again?

    A comment which wasn’t even considered by ex Mayor or ex Cllr Rachel Onikosi, as the Council Meeting, when they noted the Review Request, but didn’t actually refuse it, was on 18/04/2028, the day before I posted comments, on the 19/04/2018.

    I would argue the Review Request is ‘still on the record’, and now should be considered by the new Mayor, Damien Egan, and the rest of the new administration, and the new CEO, Ian C Thomas.

    As just like Sir Steve Bullock, said himself, if it isn’t “appropriate for an outgoing Mayor/administration to agree” such a Root and Branch Review Request, then it follows, that it is not appropriate for an outgoing Mayor or Administration, to refuse such a Request.

    And the outgoing Mayor – quite rightly – DIDN’T refuse the Request!

    Given the vocal Community opposition to the BPP plans – over 11,000 signed petitions and posted angry comments – it is important that this Review is given serious consideration. The plans for BPP MUST be looked at again.

    At a time of cuts & child obesity, & a restricted social care budget,& poor air quality, it is not right to remove popular & unique, PublicSportsFacilities from BPP – one a potential goldmine – and to chop down over 400 Trees, and to waste Millions – both Council Millions & HLF Millions – doing so.

    This MUST be looked at again!!!

  5. Mai feel free to contact Mayor Egan with your view. It’s up to him now….

  6. Thanks, Cllr Alan Hall, but;

    1) What happened to my full detailed comment that I posted first, on 19/04/2018?

    2) Also, since you asked for the Root&Branch Review in the first place, why can’t you push for it to be properly considered?

    3) Or do you no longer consider a Root & Branch Review is needed?

    4) Or are you no longer on Business & Scrutiny Panel/Committee of Lewisham Council?

    5) If you are no longer responsible for Scrutiny, then who is?

    1. Alan, for the third time, what has happened to my first detailed comment, that I posted on 19/04/2018 ?

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