New Bermondsey or Surrey Canal Report by Lord Dyson published – No legal assistance for scrutiny chair

The full report by the retired judge, Lord Dyson  into matters concerning the New Bermondsey or Surrey Canal regeneration scheme including the land around Millwall FC ground The Den and Lewisham Council is here: new-bermondsey-inquiry-final-report-november-2017 Lord Dyson

A correction to the report was issued on 1st December 2017:

At paragraph 79 of the Report, Mr Andrew Barrow is described as a “property lawyer who was acting as consultant to MFC”. By way of clarification, Mr Barrow was a practising solicitor from 1978 until 2009 when he retired from law and became a property consultant. He was acting as a property consultant to Millwall FC, not as a legal adviser.

Paragraph 31 of the report states that Millwall Football Club or MFC witnesses who attended an oral hearing had the benefit of the presence of a legal representative. This was in error. Mr Barrow attended the hearing but in the capacity of property consultant to MFC, not at as a legal adviser.

On 15th December, Lord Dyson wrote in reply to the Chairman of Millwall FC, Mr John Berylson’s letter of 6th December 2017: 



In paragraph 29 Lord Dyson mentions that Cllr Alan Hall refused to attend an oral cross examination although he gave a written statement without formal legal advice.

Barry Quirk, Chief Executive wrote to Cllr Alan Hall explaining why no legal assistance was available to him from the Council New Bermondsey Advice from BQ refusing External Legal Advice 06.02.17

Cllr Alan Hall received no formal legal advice at all. Informal advice recommended not attending an oral hearing in front of the former Master of the Rolls. He reported this to Lewisham Council by way of personal explanation in accordance with the Council’s constitution on 17th January 2018.

Some background on this can be found in an earlier post here





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