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Councillor Alan Hall spoke today at an early morning postal workers’ ‘Gate Meeting’ in Lewisham to give his support to the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) in their crucial national dispute with Royal Mail which includes staff from Forest Hill & Sydenham areas.

The leading candidate to become Labour’s candidate for Mayor in next year’s election is joining the dispute which is part of the CWU’s ‘Four Pillars Campaign’*

Cllr Alan Hall said to the staff based at the Forest Hill Delivery Office in Perry Vale: “In the last 7 years people across the UK have seen their quality of life deteriorate through poorer pay, poorer conditions at work and deteriorating public services. 

“The action by Royal Mail staff in Lewisham and across the country shows that everyone has had enough. The people of Lewisham are fighting back against austerity and I give my full support to the CWU. 

“I think the decision by the Post Office to close New Cross Crown Post Office is disgraceful and the threat to Sydenham Crown Post Office is very real. We need a Crown Post Office in Sydenham and at least one in the borough. 

”Lewisham has shown its determination by successfully stopping the closure of Lewisham A&E in a campaign where I represented the Council at the High Court. As Mayor I will lend my support to those who are fighting for decent conditions, decent pay and a decent quality of life. Everyone in the borough deserves a better future.”

Here is an excerpt on YouTube


*Editors’ notes:The CWU’s Four Pillars of Security Campaign represents four key aims of the CWU: a decent wage in retirement, a shorter working week, a redesign of the company’s pipeline and the extension of current agreements. More information can be found by clicking on the following link: http://www.cwu.org/campaign/the-four-pillars-of-security/


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