Alan Hall was outside the Crown Post Office in Sydenham today, supporting the defense of public services in Lewisham. He said, “This proposal would seriously damage the provision of services in Lewisham. We must call on the Post Office to withdraw their plans.”

Cllr Alan Hall noted, “Not only is Lewisham in the process of losing the Crown Post Office in Sydenham, it has also been announced yesterday that we are going to lose the New Cross Gate Crown Post Office as well. This would be a disaster for the borough, severely limiting access to services such as border agency facilities.”


As highlighted by the CASS Report released today (see below), the Post Office services which replace the Crown Post Offices will  have limited facilities and mean there is no facility for Border Agency work to be done in the whole borough.

Alan Hall explained, “This will mean that economic migrants, asylum seekers and those wishing to apply for passports or driving licenses must travel outside of the borough to access these services. That is unacceptable. We must fight to protect our Crown Post Offices in order to provide our residents with the facilities which they need.”



Click here to read the CASS report which advocates a People’s Bank for the whole of the Post Office Network. The report argues that this would have a beneficial and rejuvenating effect on high streets, boosting their economic futures.

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