Lewisham’s leading scrutiny councillor Alan Hall is calling on all residents of Lewisham to share their stories on social media of how co-operation is a powerful force for good using the hashtag #coopstories.

A motion before Lewisham Council on Wednesday 21st June praises the work of co-operatives in the borough and Cllr  Alan Hall believes that they could play an even greater role in improving residents’ lives.

Cllr  Alan Hall said:

“I am delighted that the work of award-winning Phoenix Community Housing has been singled out in the motion. As a board member, I am immensely proud of all the staff and members who are to be congratulated for winning the UK’s best landlord for tenant involvement in the UK Housing Awards 2017. Phoenix Community Housing are building new homes for social rent and these will include extra care facilities releasing more social homes in Lewisham.

“Co-operatives play a vital role both in our borough and across the UK in strengthening communities and giving members a say in how their businesses and organizations are run.

“What we want to do during Co-operative Fortnight, now running until 1st July, is to show and share amongst ourselves as a Lewisham community how what a powerful thing co-operation can be.

“In days like these when the news can be grim, sharing these powerful stories of co-operation can remind us what we can all achieve when we work together.”


Cllr Alan Hall is also Chair of Lewisham Co-operative Party.

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