Lewisham Council have launched a public consultation on its COVID-19 Transport plans saying:

“The London Borough of Lewisham is taking emergency action to help the public safely make the essential trips they need to on foot or by bicycle. Enabling people to keep two metres apart will help protect the health and safety of the public and minimise pressure on the NHS.

Tell us your ideas to help us create better spaces for walking and cycling in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

You can view the proposals and make a response using the map at the website here

Lewisham Council want to know where pedestrians and cyclists need more space

According to new analysis by the Bartlett School of Architecture, two thirds of pavements in London are not wide enough for people to observe the Government’s advice to stay two metres apart.

A new research group involving Bartlett researchers, have analysed every street in Greater London and found that only 36% of pavements were at least three metres wide – the minimum requirement for members of the public to follow social distancing rules.

While some may opt to walk in the road, this is not possible for people with pushchairs or with mobility impairments. Our research shows that there is an urgent need to reallocate street space in London so everyone can use streets safely. 

– Dr Ashley Dhanani, _Streets researcher and Research Associate at The Bartlett School of Architecture’s Space Syntax Laboratory 

Their new map can be viewed here

A Hi-Res version is here

Lewisham has only 36% of streets with 6 metres or more, of non road space according to the academics this is the amount of space needed for social distancing. This places Lewisham 19th out of 33 London Local Authorities.

Experts have analysed London streets and ranked boroughs

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