288F1DA9-7EE3-4B83-B04F-9BAAD9B7344EOn Saturday 12th May tens of thousands of people marched through central London to demand an end to austerity and call for a “New Deal” for workers.

Research by the TUC shows that Britain’s 17 year wage squeeze is the worst in modern history. The research says that this is the slowest wage recovery in two centuries. The report argues:

“The current period of wage stagnation is the worst for two centuries. Not since the beginning of the 18thcentury (when it took 24 years), has it taken so long for real wages to recover from a slump.

The TUC compared the current wages squeeze with every major earnings crisis over the past 200 years.¬†Even during the Great Depression era (10 years) and revival from the Second World War (7 years) real wages recovered more quickly. ”

Councillor Alan Hall was asked by the Communications Workers Union to join them on the march. He said: “It is a huge honour to march with the hard working post men and women, communication workers and BT staff. Many are working today and the great sea of pink shows the commitment of ordinary people to come to London to show their support and fight for fairer pay and and end to tory austerity policies.”


The Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP addressed the crowds saying that austerity is a “political choice not a necessity” and pledged that a Labour Government¬† would deliver for public services and include taking rail, mail and water back into public ownership.

The marchers call for #TUCNewDeal

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