Here is the text of a letter from Cllr Alan Hall to Janet Senior, Acting Chief Executive, Lewisham Council:


Dear Janet,

Lewisham Clock Tower

The state of Lewisham Clock Tower on Lewisham High Street has been raised on social media. I am writing to request that the Council consider how to repair and keep this local icon in a good state see:

A broken clock maybe a good symbol for austerity but it isn’t a good beacon of hope for Lewisham and Lewisham Council.

I would argue with all the major development occurring in Lewisham Town Centre and the consequent sums of money involved, the Council should appreciate the past as it looks to the future and prioritise the upkeep of the Lewisham Clock Tower. As you will know the Lewisham Clock Tower was erected by public subscription at a time when Lewisham High Street was becoming a vibrant shopping destination. A short history is here:

I look forward to your constructive reply how this maybe achieved in the near future and for generations to come.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely


Councillor Alan Hall     

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