Questions on River Ravensbourne works


Following the tweet above, Lewisham Council’s Planning Department have provided the following explanation of the work on the River Ravensbourne between Catford and Catford Bridge stations.  I would like to thank the Qwaggy Waterways Action Group for drawing this to my attention.

Major work to rivers need to undertaken with care and sensitivity. Here is the reply:


Dear Secretary,


Councillor Alan Hall has highlighted to the Planning Service a query raised on the QWAG twitter page in relation to works to the River Ravensbourne adjacent to the Catford Green development by Catford Bridge Station.

We have reviewed the works and spoken with Barratt. As part of the Catford Green development, naturalisation works were secured to the western bank of the Ravensbourne where it passes through the site. These works are required to be undertaken during the current phase of the scheme. In addition, the developer has obtained consent from the Environment Agency for an outfall (150mm diameter) to the Ravensbourne in association with the surface water drainage strategy for the development. This is the specific works identified in the photo on the QWAG twitter page. The drainage works will be overlaid by the naturalisation works, which will be completed in accordance with the landscape plans approved under applications DC/13/084895 and DC/14/086232.

I trust this helps to provide clarity on the nature of the works at this stretch of the Ravensbourne.

If you have any future queries in respect of the development at Catford Green please do not hesitate to contact me. In case of my absence, or for queries in respect of other developments in the Borough, please contact the Planning Service at 02083147400 or




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