Lewisham Council’s full Overview & Scrutiny Committee supported calls for improving the Post Office network with a Post Office Bank in line with the recommendations of the Communications Workers Union sponsored CASS Report.

The CASS report recommends that the Post Office diversify and that the Government supports the creation of a state owned Bank. This would:

  • Give better access to finance for Small and Medium sized Enterprises
  • Improved financial inclusion
  • Align the post office with successful postal strategies around the world

This is against a backdrop of bank branch closures across the country. The poorer urban areas and rural areas are left with a basic postal service whereas the Post Office Bank could improve financial inclusion in these areas.

To see the full presentation click here: Post Bank slides

The Committee expressed concern at the closure of New Cross Gate & Sydenham Crown Post Offices asking that the Chair, Councillor Alan Hall write to the Minister directly.

Councillor Alan Hall said: “The Post Bank could be the people’s bank. It’s good for financial inclusion and good for business.”

He went on to say:

“Losing New Cross Gate and Sydenham Crown Post Offices will reduce access to a full range of services for Lewisham residents. The social and economic impact will be detrimental to our borough I will write to Minister to express our concerns.”



Mole Meade, Communications Workers Union said: “I am very grateful to Lewisham Council for their support. The CASS report outlines a vital policy to create a new network of a People’s Bank. New Cross and Sydenham Crown Post Offices would be an integral part of the new vision.”

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