THE ANIMAL WELFARE CHARTER IN LEWISHAM will be reviewed to ensure a ‘new deal for animals’ said Lewisham Mayoral Candidate Councillor Alan Hall this week.

Cllr Alan Hall said that if selected as Labour candidate for Mayor he will campaign strongly on animal welfare: “We need a new deal for all living creatures and to ensure that we not only protect domestic pets and working animals but that we work out new schemes to enable wild creatures to prosper and thrive.

“The existing charter adopted in February 2017 is very good and the key to its success will be in the implementation.”

To make the animal welfare charter effective Cllr Alan Hall has said the Mayor and Council will:

  •         Work closely with other organizations and individuals to implement active protection of existing wildlife sites and to try to establish new ones
  •         Investigate how all council-owned land can be improved to be more wildlife-friendly
  •         Actively promote through public campaigns the better care of the cats, dogs and all other domestic pets

“I’ve always believed that the happiness and pleasure that we get from pet animals and wildlife also means that council, residents and businesses all have a responsibility to work in partnership to care and look after all creatures.”


Editors Notes:

Highlight provisions of the existing charter updated earlier this year includes:


·         Providing greater opportunities for children and young people to learn about looking after animals through a schools engagement programme

·         Ensuring greater knowledge of micro-chipping for domestic pets and horses through public engagement campaigns

·         Joint working with animal welfare organizations and housing providers to ensure greater responsibility in pet ownership and wildlife concern

The link to the existing animal welfare charter is here:


For more watch this video click here.

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  1. Fantastic news. About time someone spoke up for animals. Hopefully you will work with smaller animal agencies liike Celia Hammond and the pdsa rather than the RSPCA. The others really go beyond duty to protect animals and are charities.

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