Call on Transport for London to protect wild geese crossing busy A21 Bromley Rd


A local councillor is calling on Transport for London (TfL) to put up signs advising motorists on the busy A21 in Lewisham to look out for wild Canadian geese crossing the road with their goslings.

Already some goslings are thought to have been killed while being shepherded across the traffic-heavy four lane road between Bellingham and Catford.

Lewisham councillor for Bellingham Alan Hall has lent his support to calls from the local Phoenix Community Housing Coop to TfL to put up signs to protect the geese.

Councillor Alan Hall, also a Phoenix Board Member said: “The sight of the adult geese shepherding the goslings from the historic Peter Pan’s Pond in Bellingham across one of London’s main roads in heavy traffic is truly impressive and shows how resilient these creatures can be. 

“It is wonderful to have nature close up and present in our city and with a little help from their friends, the presence of these geese could be alerted to motorists who would then be aware that they need to take care.”

Phoenix Community Housing has raised the matter with TfL and are now waiting for a response.

In response to a tweet it is claimed that the geese have been on Southend pond for centuries.

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  1. Let’s warn drivers with a sign “goslings crossing”
    I love those geese to pieces.

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