Latest stage of community campaign to Save Sydenham Crown Post Office

A video posted on social media on Tuesday 23rd May shows Post Office representatives consulting on the closure of Sydenham Crown Post Office refusing a cake made specifically for the occasion by Sydenham residents.

Councillor Alan Hall can be seen in videos on social media offering the cake on behalf of campaigners but being refused by head-shaking officials.

The leading scrutiny councillor who has been heading up Lewisham-wide campaigns against closure of public services said: “It was a sweet offer and a warm hearted gesture to the Post Office officials and it was such a shame that they were unable to accept it today.”

“There have been over 500 signatures to online and offline petitions and these are growing. As soon as people know about the closure they willingly sign the petition.”

“There should be a Crown Post Office in the London Borough of Lewisham offering a full range of services.”

Mole Meade, Communications Workers Union said: “Rather than take the cake and engage in meaningful dialogue the Post Office prefers to take the biscuit.”

To register your views on the closure of Sydenham Crown Post Office complete the Post Office consultation online here

The petition opposing the closure of New Cross Gate and Sydenham Crown Post Offices in the London Borough of Lewisham here

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Campaigners went to the Chef’s Delight cafe in Sydenham to cut the cake as the Post Office officials had refused to accept it.

Local newspaper report in the Newsshopper is here

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