On hearing the news that Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee have made their decision on who fights Lewisham West & Penge constituency in the General Election on 8th June. Cllr Alan Hall, former constituency Chair and Chair of Lewisham Labour Group of councillors, welcomed the decision saying:

“I am very pleased that we have selected Ellie Reeves to fight Lewisham West & Penge in the General Election. I have known Ellie for many years.  She will be a breath of fresh air as a strong local advocate and campaigner. I look forward to working with her and joining her campaigning across Bellingham and Lewisham West & Penge over the coming weeks to ensure that we have a Labour MP to represent us.”

Ellie Reeves has tweeted:


Lewisham West & Penge was held by Jim Dowd MP with a majority of 12,714.

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