Jim Dowd MP steps down after 25 years

On hearing the news that Lewisham West & Penge Member of Parliament Jim Dowd has decided not to stand in the General Election called for 8th June 2017, former Chair, Lewisham West and Penge Labour Party and Lewisham Labour

Councillor Alan Hall said:

“Jim Dowd has decided to retire after 25  years in public service as our Member of Parliament and I pay tribute to his commitment to carrying out the role of MP for Lewisham West and Penge. He will be missed.

It is a very important job, therefore a very difficult decision to leave and consequently an admirable decision to take. I wish him well in the future.”

Jim Dowd MP and Bellingham cllrs
Cllrs Alan Hall Sue Hordijenko Jim Dowd MP Cllr Jacq Paschoud


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