“Stamp of approval” given to save Sydenham Crown Post Office

LEWISHAM COUNCILLOR LIAM CURRAN, Chair of the Sustainable Development Committee, announced this week that a campaign to save two Lewisham Crown Post Offices has

“now moved from a Second Class to a First Class campaign”.

At a Full Council meeting on 22nd February Lewisham had only stated its opposition to the closure of New Cross Crown Post Office.

However, following Cllr Curran’s decision to raise the matter at the Sustainable Development Committee on Wednesday March 8th Lewisham has now declared its opposition to the closure of Sydenham Crown Post Office too.

“Lewisham Council now has a consistent position on the closure of Crown Post Offices in the borough and our campaign now moves from a second-class to a first-class campaign” he said.

“We are in this fight to win. Crown Post Offices provide vital services to people, pay decent wages and sustain high streets. Research (see attached Communication Workers Union briefing) shows that franchised out Post Offices immediately haemorrhage their trained staff and generally end up with longer queues, longer waits and a poorer service.

“We are fully behind the Communication Workers Union’s campaign to save both New Cross and Sydenham Post Offices. People can show their support by writing to the Chief Executive of the Post Office Paula Vennells and our local MP Jim Dowd to oppose the closure.

“They can also come to the rally to Save Sydenham Crown Post Office”.

                                                   Save Sydenham Post Office Rally

9.30am – 12.30noon Saturday 18th March 2017

Outside Sydenham Post Office, 44 Sydenham Rd, London SE26 5QX”

The matter of the two Lewisham Crown Post Offices was referred to Lewisham Council’s Business Panel on Thursday 9th March and the committee agreed to call for the rentention of both post offices see here

Business Panel Chair, Councillor Alan Hall said: “Lewisham Councillors fully support both post offices and I urge everyone to join the rally in Sydenham on Saturday.”

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