‘Babs’ drama shows need for renewal of Lewisham film policy and for bringing forward plans to renovate theatre

Lewisham’s leading scrutiny councillor Alan Hall says Lewisham must once again become a borough that welcomes film crews making movies.

His call comes in the week that the BBC premiers the acclaimed drama about British film and tv legend Barbara Windsor, star of the Carry On films, which was filmed in Lewisham and features Catford’s Broadway Theatre. The BBC docu drama called ‘Babs’ is due to screen Sunday 6th May at 8pm on BBC1.

“Lewisham must once again have a clear policy with a designated film officer that actively invites and welcomes film crews. It is vital that it’s an active policy rather than passively waiting for these things to happen.

“We used to have this policy and it’s time to bring it back. ‘Babs’ features Lewisham brilliantly and the Broadway Theatre looks fabulous in the drama.

“The theatre is the jewel in Catford’s crown and we have pointed out that it needs renovation now. I will continue to push for a lottery bid and other investment as part of the Catford regeneration scheme.”

An account of the preview screening at the Catford Broadway Theatre where Dame Barbara Windsor appeared after the film was shown and gave a “Babs bum wiggle or two” is in the metro newspaper here

 The BBC film trailer for ‘Babs’ is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V185Ii19YHQ

Final Report of the Catford Broadway Theatre Working Group established by Cllr Alan Hall is here:

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