Cllr Alan Hall has issued a Statement in Support of the Pinic for Peace on Hilly Fields on Saturday, 2nd July on Hilly Fields. The statement reads:

“I think that you, the parents, families and friends behind Picnic For Peace have come up with a wonderful idea. Marches and demonstrations in central London can be important, I have been on many over the years, but you have identified a simple yet very effective way of demonstrating unity with our neighbours.

The peaceful coming together of diverse families and friends reassures each of us that we are surrounded by a strong community, a friendly community and a united community in Lewisham and London, a wonderful city, vibrant and strong because of its diversity.

Despite the recent division and upheaval following the referendum, you are demonstrating how we can stand together to reject racism and xenophobia. Let us hope your example spreads out across Lewisham, London and the rest of the country to bring people back together.”

Here’s how Picnic for Peace have explained their initiative:

“Last week’s referendum seems to have torn the country apart – politically and socially. Overnight, the climate has changed, friends have suffered racist commentary and abuse. This is completely unacceptable.

Diversity and multiculturalism shouldn’t be something that divides us, we should be celebrating it.

We are a group of British and multicultural parents who would like to invite fellow likeminded local friends and families to come together and celebrate our diversity this Saturday in Brockley, Lewisham.

We want our children to be able to grow up without being judged by their skin colour, their accent or their or their parents’ race. This family-friendly event is designed for parents with young children who feel they can’t safely protest in Trafalgar square or Parliament but still want to make a stand, to promote peace, harmony and multiculturalism.

Bring your own picnic, bunting, banners and family and friends, join us for a Picnic for Peace on Saturday 2nd July 2016 at the Stone Circle, Hilly Fields Park, SE4 1LD, between 11am- 2pm

1. Support families and children who are fearful of their future in light of the EU referendum results.
2. Bring back feelings of positivity and hopefulness for our future.
3. Connect with your neighbours and local community
4. Demand action from government and stop the legitimisation of racist and xenophobia behaviour
5. It is very import to us that this is a reasonable sized peaceful gathering. We want to ensure the safety of everyone.

What’s next?
If this gathering is successful, we hope that this format can be used so that similar bite-sized peaceful gatherings can be organised in local parks, all around the country.

Help us spead the word! Please invite your family and friends along.

Follow @PicnicForPeace on Twitter”

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