796A0342-5AED-410A-9059-C6EBB34135B5The RMTUnion are campaigning for Justice for Cleaners on the London Underground and to support them, this letter was published in the Evening Standard:

Every day, thousands of Londoners benefit from the work of cleaners on the Tube and Overground. They keep our city’s arteries clean, enabling us to travel safely and comfortably. 

But these cleaners endure unsocial working hours in often hazardous conditions, for low pay and inadequate benefits. Outsourced cleaners are paid the London Living Wage but get no sick pay or pension and — unlike workers employed directly by TfL — no free travel.

These workers have to work harder than before as the outsourcing company has cut the total number of cleaners since they took on the contract. Public money should be spent efficiently, rather than disappearing into private profit. 

Our silent heroes deserve better. We urge Mayor Sadiq Khan to improve working conditions and help ensure a high-quality public service by committing to bring these cleaners in-house. He must work with the RMT and other stakeholders.

Cllr Jumbo Chan, Brent
Cllr Alan Hall, Lewisham

and 92 Labour councillors”

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